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Italian Packaging Machinery Industry Proves Resilient
As the economy lulls and markets evolve, some sectors have found success on new frontiers.
Taking Measured Risks, One Step at a Time
After establishing a strong presence in the medical field, micro components shop vaults into new markets.
Modestly Making a Big Impression
A two-year-old business addresses a need in an under-valued niche building bladed parts for several critical industries.
Shop Bears Signature on Every Piece
Fostering a closer relationship with customers brings new business, even in a down economy.
Italys Expanding Global Presence in Equipment and Machinery
As its industry sees rapid growth, Italy cuts into Germany's dominance, as smaller, more flexible companies jump into new markets.
Who's ready to buy?
Its a buyers market for capital equipment, but with the economys future still uncertain and banks wary of new risks, shops proceed with caution.
Turning suppliers into partners
Northrup Grumman's Lean supply chain program has succeeded, both for the defense contractor and its suppliers
Stepping Into the Void
Prehardened steel, and learning its machining limits, replaces heat treated products.
Software Keeps Students in Tune
Students were introduced to manufacturing using Delcam’s FeatureCAM CNC programming software, which enabled them to define the geometry and produce almost every part in a guitar. Manufacturers are always ...
When Preventive Maintenance Just Isn't Enough
Auditing expensive equipment can reveal trouble before it happens and help users achieve highest performance.
Shedding Light on the Workplace
NTMA recognizes shops that employ higher standards of cleanliness and atmosphere with 6S award
Sharpening Skills in Online Classroom
Smaller companies shape training strategies using Tooling University
Trimming costs at the design stage
DFMA can help reduce inefficiencies by optimizing processes at the earliest stages, when revisions are least expensive.
Need Skilled Workers? Try Growing Your Own
Apprenticeships are not given out casually at Micro Instruments. Historically, candidates were closely screened from among a pool of the brightest talents from area technical schools, meticulously selected to learn the manufacturing ...
Fitch downgrades Kennametal issuer default rating
Kennametal’s long-term default rating was downgraded by Fitch ratings, which pointed to the company’s declining sales and margins amid the global economic crisis. Fitch lowered Kennametal’s issuer default rating, and its senior unsecured bank facilities ...